Insulation Repair In Tucson Az


Insulation Repair (Why it makes sense to replace current old insulation with spray foam)

Given current trends, fiberglass insulation is still significantly less costlier than spray foam and and also less efficient. Even though fiberglass has a firm hold over the lion’s share of the insulation market, spray foam is rapidly catching up thanks to word of mouth and its rage on the internet.

So in case your home is insulated with fiberglass, then it’s fine. But if you are planning to replace old insulation or repair the insulation in your Tucson home  then you must consider the perks of using spray foam over fiberglass this time before arriving at a decision. The following comparison table is meant to help you make up your mind in this regard. For more information you can contact us at Green Energy Solution any time at 520 447 3512




Fiberglass Insulation

  1. Fiberglass acts as a woolen item of clothing, permitting air leakage. And this is a significant factor which leads to increasing your utility bills.
  2. It’s hard to accomplish perfect installation of fiberglass. There are basketball-sized spaces left without insulation, as a result of which air and moisture seeps through the building.
  3. The cost is around $0.40 per square foot.
  4. The R-value is around 2.2 per inch but the value reduces over the years.
  5. Doesn’t last beyond 25 years.
  6. Sheets are placed in walls, certain nooks and crannies go uninsulated.
  7. It is flammable.
  8. Conventional insulation soaks up water, damaging your home as well as reducing the efficiency of your insulation. This also fuels the growth of mold.
  9. Fiberglass is ineffective against dust and pollen which are the key causal agents of respiratory diseases like asthma and various allergies.

Spray Foam insulation

  1. Spray foam is more efficient in this regard, preventing any air passage from within or outside your house.
  2. Spray foam expands to about 10 times its original size on hardening. Thus it shows the promise of insulating 99% of the empty spaces.
  3. The cost comes to about $0.90-$1.50 per square foot for closed spray foam insulation.
  4. The R-value is around 3.5 per inch for open cell and around 6 -7 per inch for closed cell.
  5. Can withstand the onslaught of clement weather for 80+ years.
  6. Needs to be sprayed by a professional contractor but covers spaces which cannot be insulated by fiberglass due to lack of flexibility.
  7. It is flammable as well but closed cell spray foam comes with a fire queller.
  8. Spray foam prevents seepage of water much better than fiberglass but in case of any leaks, it helps you in fixing the damage conveniently.
  9. Spray foam helps reduce the entry of dust and other pollutants much more effectively than fiberglass.