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Spray Foam Insulation

CommercialGreen energy solutions is a spray foam insulation contractor in Tucson AZ. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate and strive to make everyone’s home as energy efficient as possible

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Normally, you would use traditional methods, like an air conditioner in the summers or a heater during winters, to control the temperature inside your home. But there are chances that you may still be unsatisfied due to a lack of proper insulation.  

Why Do You Need To Insulate Your Home At All?

The need for insulation increases when you begin noticing your home has warm and cold spots instead of a consistent temperature throughout. This can be due to air leaks that do cause problems in terms of insulation. Depending on the weather and the season, cold or warm air can get trapped in tight spaces like wall frames and light fixtures.

It has been noted that about 30% or more of air seepage is due to holes or crevices in the walls, ceilings and floors. That’s when modern methods like the spray foam insulation can offer you many advantages that you may not have been aware of till now.

Will Spray Foam Insulation Work In My Tucson HomeSpray Foam Insulation Tucson AZ

Investing in spray foam insulation is definitely worth your while. Understanding how spray foam works is quite important. Spray foam can be used to seal crevices, holes and cracks. By doing so, you will prevent air from entering and exiting your home. Moreover, by doing so, you will be able to regulate the climate within your home, making it more comfortable for you.  If you are looking for a spray foam insulation contractor in Tucson AZ then you should contact Green Energy Solutions at (602) 903 4108

Benefits of Using Spray Foam

Having proper insulation can benefit you in many ways. Not only is it an effective way of reducing your energy bills, it can also help regulate the temperature inside your home. Apart from the fact that it is an air sealant, you can benefit from the following features:

  1. According to surveys, it has been found that homeowners spend approximately $2500 to $7500 every year on electricity. Not only can it help you save money but it can bring down your energy bills by 50%. In addition, you will not have to worry about the spray foam deteriorating. The foam is permanent and does not shrink with time.
  2. Not having proper insulation can result in uneven distribution of air and heat. Using a proper sealant will enable you to eliminate cold and warm spots in your home. Moreover, the spray foam virtually seals any leak you find.
  3. These leaks can do much more than affect the temperature of your home. They can directly affect your health and the condition of your home. Moisture will also be able to make its way through if there are leaks. This can result in the growth of mold around your home.
  4. An additional benefit of using spray foams is that it causes no harm to your health or environment. Since it is water-blown, it tends to be an attractive choice for environmentalists and savvy homeowners.

Is It Worth The Extra Cost?

Unlike traditional methods of cooling your home, the spray foam not only has many advantages but it can save you a lot of money in the long run. At first, you might not consider the investment to be worthwhile, so you need to look at the bigger picture. You will not have to worry about investing in house wraps or vapor barriers to eliminate leaks. These conventional methods cost more than spray foam. In addition, it is convenient to use and can be easily installed.

The spray foam can withstand high and low temperatures without giving way, providing you great durability. Instead of being a temporary solution to your problem, spray foams last longer than any conventional method you use. You will not have to worry about replacing it in the near future. In fact, these spray foams strengthen your walls and ceilings by reducing the risk of flooding. This can save you from unforeseen costs.

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How Does It Fare Against Traditional Methods?

You may wonder how spray foams fare against already existing traditional insulation products. There are various alternatives that have been used for decades, including products such as fiberglass. It proves to be highly effective while dealing with blocking heat. Moreover, you will not be restricted to a certain size or shape. The spray foam can be used anywhere and can insulate large spaces effectively.

You will not have to make way for traditional insulation products. These products would usually require you to remove walls and ceilings. This is not the case with spray foams. You can use the foam to fill in the required spaces rather than having to renovate the location entirely. Traditional products are not adaptive and neither can they effectively protect you from leaks. The foam expands and fills the space entirely.

Now that you have a better understanding of how spray foams can benefit your home and pocket, you should wait no longer and deal with these leaks promptly.